(8/5/23) Astar x Subwallet x ArtZero AI Art Contest

Do you enjoy art, AI, and Astar NFTs? Then we’ve got just the right thing for you. To celebrate the growing Astar NFT ecosystem, we’re launching a four-week AI contest in collaboration with the teams from ArtZero & SubWallet.

The theme of our art contest is inspired by SubWallet’s native NFT collection: Serpenators. The contest will run for four weeks from May 8th until Jun 4th , 2023. You can submit your work anytime during the submission period here.

How do I participate?

How are winners picked?

  • Throughout the period of the contest Astar, SubWallet, and ArtZero will use 6,000 $ASTR to purchase and/or make bids up to 100 ASTR for our favorite ones.

  • At the end contest, of the we’ll pick favorites and put them on Twitter for a community vote.

  • The winning 4 by votes will be sharing a prize pool of 2,000 $ASTR.

  • During the campaign, people who vote will also have a chance to receive NFTs that are purchased by Astar, SubWallet, and ArtZero.

Terms and conditions

  • We’ll only accept 1 submission per person (unique in Email / Twitter account / Wallet address)

  • By submitting your art, you agree to have it minted as an NFT on Astar. Please submit only artworks where you have the rights to commercially use them. You also agree that you have created the art by yourself using the AI tool, and you are the only person who takes ownership of the art.

  • You’ll still retain all rights associated with it, and any revenue generated from sales of that NFT will be going to you (after deducted from the platform trade fee).

  • We will contact all winners within 14 days after the end of the campaign to confirm their wallet addresses and send out their prizes.

  • Astar, SubWallet, and ArtZero reserve the right to final decisions, to amend all terms & conditions of the contest and disqualify registrants who do not meet the rules at our sole discretion.

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