Mint PMPs if you are whitelisted

You are in the whitelist if you are one of the followings:

  • You joined our Airdrops / Bounties and announced as winner. You provided us with your wallet address.

  • You joined our Early Contribution Program and provided us with your wallet address.

  • Wallet address must be Subwallet / Polkadot js / Nova wallet

If you are in the whitelist in a phase, you can see the number of PMPs you have in the whitelist, the number of PMPs you have minted, like this:

Choose the amount and click Whitelist Mint to mint your PMP. You will need a little $Azero for gas fee (about 0.02 $Azero / 1 NFT).

Confirmation process will appear. You will now need to confirm this action with your wallet. Then, you can see your new NFT at the bottom of this page:

Once the Collection in the Marketplace is enabled, you can also view the NFT My Account tab. This NFT now belongs to you. You can sell at a fixed price, see offers and sell at an offer, stake to benefit from trade discount & share of trade fee and validator node.

If you have minted out all of your whitelisted PMPs, you can mint from public with a price.

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