Create a Project in Launchpad

Please read this article before you create a project in the Launchpad.

Connect to a wallet with enough balance for creating a project & a little gas fee.

In order to create a project in the Launchpad, click on Launchpad \ Create Project

A form will appear and you will need to fill and submit the form. Start with uploading 3 images: avatar, featured, and header image for your Collection. Each cannot be bigger than 5MB. Featured image can be seen in the marketplace or launchpad where there are many other collections / projects, while header image can be seen in your collection / project detail page as below:

Featured image & avatar image:

Header image:

Then, continue to fill Project name & Duration of the project. This is the overall active time of the project. You should consider leaving this duration a little longer so you can be more flexible in adding more phases, do owner mint,... This duration must cover all phases. A project once starts, its overall duration CANNOT be changed.

ROYALTY FEE: is the license fee that Creator can collect on every sale of the NFTs in the future.

You can choose to get Royalty Fee from your Project or not. A maximum 5% Royalty fee can be set. Once this is set, it cannot be changed.

Then, fill other information as NFT Name, NFT Symbol, Total Supply (the total number of NFTs in a project. Artworks and metadata of the project must match this supply).

Also create Phases in the project: You can create as many phases as you want in a project. Each phase is can be set in:

  • Whitelist mint: meaning you can add whitelist addresses to mint a number of NFTs for free or at a different prices. Only the owners of these addresses can mint. The number of whitelisted NFTs must be controlled by yourself in order not to overpass the total NFTs of the project.

  • Whitelist mint + Public mint: if you want to set the phase for public mint with a price, you can choose to do so, but at the same time you can add whitelisted addresses to mint for free or at a different price from public mint price. You will need to set the maximum NFTs for public (public only, not whitelist) to mint for each phase, when it reaches this maximum, the phase will be closed for public mint. You will control the whitelisted NFTs so total public & whitelisted NFTs of all phases will not overpass the total NFTs of the project.

Then, fill in your email and click on boxes to pay project creation fee, minting fee & agree to ArtZero ToS. Then click on Create Project.

Confirmation process will appear. You will now need to confirm this action with your wallet.

Then, your project has been created successfully but not enabled yet. You can now navigate, edit project information, edit phases, update art location,,add admin role, add whitelist... at My Account \ My Projects.

We will soon contact you by email for further check and support before enabling your project and collection. You can also DM Phoebe at her Telegram ID @phoebe_hoang to request for support.

In the meantime, you need to Update art location & prepare files (artworks & metadata) to submit. See how here.

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