Prepare files for authentication check & Update Art Location

Once you have created a Project in Launchpad, you will need to prepare and submit your files.

Our team will contact you via your registered email, or you can also contact our Phoebe via Telegram phoebe_hoang to request for enabling your project and seek further support.


One of the most popular tool to create files is Hashlips. You can visit for more instructions.

We will need to cache the files. Without being cached, minted NFTs cannot be fetched with artworks.

Also, we use the files to run an authentication check. Once your collection passes the check, we will send you a report. Otherwise, you will be be required to make changes to the collection, or get rejected.

Share files to: - -


Navigate to your project detail page at My Account \ My Projects:

In your project detail page, click on Update Art Location

A box will appear. We currently use IPFS to store Artwork of all collections. The example format of Art Location is ipfs://QmRKH5MUw52KRvzxBQJr9QHd2EqshyTYscLGXowP7RiXja/

You can use service to upload your files and get the link.

Once your project is enabled, please copy and paste your art location and click Submit.

Confirmation process will appear. You will now need to confirm this action with your wallet.

Only until you update your art location & we cache the whole files, can your artwork be revealed. Otherwise, it stays being Unrevealed Artwork. You can decide the time to reveal your artwork as well.

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