Unstake / Multi-Unstake your NFTs

By unstaking your ArtZero NFT, you will immediately lose all benefit from trade discount rate, share from marketplace trade fee, and share from a validator node.

In Mainnet, it is expected it will take you 7 days to complete the unstaking process, but in Smartnet Demo we set the duration to 60 mins.

Click Request Unstake on the NFT you want to.

Confirmation process will appear. You will now need to confirm this action with your wallet. Then, you can see the change in Discount Rate and on tab Pending Unstake

If you want to Stake this NFT again, simply click on Cancel Unstake.

If you want to carry out unstaking for multi PMP NFTs, tick all the PMP NFTs you want to unstake, hit Request Untake Tokens: #… and complete your wallet process.

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