Launching Plan on Aleph Zero

Mar-27, 2023 - ArtZero Public Sale and Launching Plan on Aleph Zero

We are pleased to inform you that our smart contracts will be deployed on Mainnet immediately after Aleph Zero launches their smart contracts on 29th March 2023.

Despite conducting thorough testing on the Testnet, we will perform additional internal checks prior to the marketplace’s official launch.

The plan consists of 3 steps: - Mainnet Deployment of Smart Contracts on 29th-30th March, 2023 - Mainnet Platform goes Live on 31st March, 2023 - Whitelist Minting and Public Sale starts on 3rd April, 2023

We would like to express our great appreciation to those who have accompanied us on the journey of building ArtZero.

With a new era about to unfold, please fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride ahead!.

Public Sale and Whitelist Minting

The public sale of our Praying Mantis Predators (PMP) NFTs will be available in 1 phase only. There are total of 5000 PMP NFTs for public minting. Whitelist minting includes 2695 PMP NFTs for early contributors and airdrop/bounty winners. The sale will last for 15 days only.

Minting Event Information

  • Duration: 15 days

  • Public Minting Price: 75 AZERO per NFT

  • Available Amount for public sale: 5000 NFTs

  • Whitelist: Early Contributors and Winners of Airdrops/Bounty programs

  • Whitelist Minting Price: 0 AZERO

During the minting event, all Early Contributors and Winners from our previous Airdrops and Bounty programs will be able to mint without any additional cost other than network transaction fees. We will send email notification with your AZERO address and amount of NFT for confirmation.

To ensure timely distribution of your NFTs, please response to our email promptly in the event of any discrepancies or changes. Failure to do so may result in delays.


  • If you happen to be on the whitelist but unable to mint your NFTs during the minting event for any reason, please notify us. Rest assured that you will receive your NFTs, but we request your patience as we conduct a manual verification and processing of your request.

  • You can mint up to 100 NFTs per transaction and there are no restrictions on the total number that can be minted. The allocation will follow a first-come, first-served principle.

Once the minting event concluded, the marketplace and the staking contract will be enabled, allowing the owners to list the NFTs for sale or to stake the NFTs for AZERO rewards. Please kindly remind that you have to claim your reward at end of each calendar month.

Any unsold PMP NFTs in the public sale will be added back into the Airdrop/Bounty pool.

Platform Parameters


  • In order to conduct a transaction on Aleph Zero network or virtually any blockchain, a modest transaction fee must be paid, which may vary depending on the type of transaction being performed.

  • We plan to regularly review the parameters to ensure they align with the dynamic market environment. Additionally, we are currently developing the DAO, which will allow PMP NFT owners to vote on parameters changes. However, the implementation of this feature may take some time.

Trading Fee

Platform trading fee will be set at up to 5% of the selling price and applied to the seller side. Sellers can get up to 90% off the trading fee (only pay 0.5% in fee) by staking 20 or more PMP NFTs. Here is the table of trading fee at discounted rate:

Creation Fees

  • Simple Mode and Advanced Mode

It costs 150 $AZERO for users to create an NFT Collection in both Simple Mode and Advanced Mode.

Notes: In Simple Mode, owner of the NFT Collection can add unlimited numbers of NFTs to the collection and the NFT creation involves no extra cost.

In Advanced Mode, creator controls the utilities and size of NFT collection in the customized NFT Contract.

  • LaunchPad

It costs 300 $AZERO for users to create a project on ArtZero launchpad. The owner is charged 5% of the total sale.

Unstaking Time

There is a 15-day cooldown period for unstaking PMP NTFs on ArtZero. The unstaked PMP NFTs do not earn rewards during the 15-day period.

Share to PMP Stakers

The numbers remain unchanged as: 30% revenue from Trading Fee and Creation Fees and 50% rewards from running ArtZero validators will be shared among PMP Stakers at the end of each calendar month. On each month, we will lock the contract for 3 days allowing stakers to claim their rewards from the platform. Any unclaimed amount will be accumulated for next reward payment period.

ArtZero Highlighted achievements

  • In June 2022, 2500 NFTs was pre-sold to Early Contributors at average price of 34.5 AZERO per NFT.

  • In July 2022, we received highest reward in a Bug Bounty Program by Aleph Zero in Immunefi.

  • In Nov 2022, we received the bounty reward for finding the bug in Substrate by Parity’s Security Team.

  • In Dec 2022, we received a grant from Aleph Zero to audit our Smart Contracts. The code has been reviewed by Ink! experts, Brushfam, the team behind OpenBrush library.

  • In Jan 2023, our W3F Grant Proposal was approved by Web3 Foundation.

  • In Mar 2023, we won 1st Prize in Polkadot Hackathon Europe Edition in “ink! Smart Contracts” category.

About ArtZero

ArtZero is the first NFT Marketplace using Ink! Smart Contract on multiple blockchains including Aleph Zero and Astar. ArtZero aims to allow the users to list their NFT collections to be tradable on the platform for a fee and to create their NFT collection via the ArtZero contracts. The users can create the collections as standard NFT collections or in an advanced mode, which also serves as a launchpad for such projects. The platform also comes with its native NFT Collection, which owners can stake for platform fees and other perks.

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