Owner Mint

This action allows the Owner to be able to mint your NFTs in any phases free of charge.

This will be most useful when in Whitelist Minting phase, you whitelisted addresses but collectors do not come and mint it for some reasons. If minting phase ends, these collectors with whitelist addresses will not be able to mint the NFTs anymore.

You might think about this Owner Mint funtion, where you can mint those NFTs, then transfer to whitelisted addresses.

The only little issue is that you can see the artwork before you transfer, not like the case where collector mint from whitelist, they cannot see the artwork before minting.

Or, you can mint the rest NFTs that have not been sold out, and list it to sell in the collection later.

In order to Owner Mint, first navigate to My Account > My Projects > Owner Mint

A window will pop up allowing you to mint NFTs.

You will need to choose Project, Phase, Number of NFTs to mint, then click Mint button. This action is free.

Confirmation process will appear. You will now need to confirm this action with your wallet.

After that, the minted NFTs will be in your ownership and can be found in My NFTs. You now can sell, transfer the NFTs as you wish.

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