When creating a collection, there a 2 modes: simple and advanced.

  • Simple Mode is designed for non-tech people. NFT Creators can enter all information in the website and the collection will be created on-chain using our standard NFT smart contract.

    In Simple Mode Collection, Creator will have to create an NFT one by one manually, then list one by one with a price. This option is suitable when you do not have many NFTs in your collection, otherwise tasks will be enormous.

    Creation fee: 75 Azero

  • Advanced mode is designed for those who wants to use customized NFT smart contract for example dedicated 5k or 10k collections with whitelisted options ... etc

    Normally, if this option is for Creator who launch their collection somewhere else (for example Creator has his own launchpad), then use ArtZero as a secondary marketplace for collectors to trade their NFTs.

    Creation fee: 150 Azero

If, on the other hand, you want to launch a big collection on ArtZero, where collectors can mint the NFTs, you might want to talk a look at Option 3: Launchpad. Visit here.

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