Add / Update Whitelist addresses

If you do not assign any Admin address, only Owner address can do this action.

If you have an Admin address, only Admin can do this action.

You can only add Whitelist addresses to a Whitelist phase. In public sale phases, you cannot add whitelist addresses.

But, you can add a price to a whitelist address, and different price to different addresses if you want. This gives flexibility to your plan.

In order to add a whitelist address, first navigate to My Account > My Projects > Add whitelist address

A window will pop up, allowing you to Add Whitelist Addresses. You will need to choose Project, Phase, paste whitelist address, add price, add number of NFTs that this address can whitelist mint before hitting button Add New.

Confirmation process will appear. You will now need to confirm this action with your wallet.

In any case where you want to edit the information of a current address, you will need to hit button Update. You also cannot hit button Update if you enter a new address. Or you cannot hit button Add New if you enter the existing address. Both actions will result in Errors.

In case you want to erase the address that you added, simply update the number of NFTs to 0.

Down below, you can see the list of all the addresses, and current status of whether they have minted, how minted...

All minting is subjected to Minting fee although addresses are whitelisted. In case Whitelist Minting fee is 0, Minting is also 0 Azero.

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