Creating a Collection in Simple Mode

Go back to Introduction if you are unsure about which option Simple Mode or Advanced Mode to launch your collection. Otherwise, just continue.

Connect to a wallet with enough balance for creating a Simple Mode collection & gas fee.

In order to create a collection in Simple Mode, click on My Account > Create Collection

Then, choose Simple Mode.

Fill all the required information about your Collection.

You will need to upload 3 images: avatar, featured, and header image for your Collection. Each cannot be bigger than 5MB. Featured image can be seen in the marketplace where there are many other collections, while header image can be seen in your collection detail page as below:

Featured image & avatar image:

Header image:

ROYALTY FEE: is the license fee that Creator can collect on every sale of the NFTs in the future.

You can choose to get Royalty Fee from your Collection or not. A maximum 5% Royalty fee can be set.

Collection creation fee: This is the fee you will need to pay to create a collection. It is one-time payment. You won't need to pay to create all NFTs in this collection. This fee can be different in the Mainnet.

Click on the Create Collection. Confirmation process will appear. You will now need to confirm this action with your wallet.

Then, your collection has been created successfully.

You can now navigate, edit, or add NFTs to the collection at My Account \ My collections

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