What are PMP NFTs? What benefits we can earn from PMPs?

PMPs is short for Praying Mantis Predators NFTs - a 10K native NFT Collection by ArtZero. The collection features Praying Mantis in badass art style, below is one sample PMP:

They are not only pieces of art but also with UTILITIES. By owning & staking PMPs, you will be able to have benefits as belows:

  • Enjoy trade discount from up to 90% off the Platform trade discount:

    • Staking 1 PMP - get 30% off trade discount (trade fee 3.5%)

    • Staking 5 PMP - get 50% off trade discount (trade fee 2.5%)

    • Staking 7 PMP - get 66% off trade discount (trade fee 1.7%)

    • Staking 9 PMP - get 80% off trade discount (trade fee 1%)

    • Staking 20 PMP - get 90% off trade discount (trade fee 0.5%)

  • Get share from rewards for ArtZero validator & ArtZero pool: a total 50% share of this rewards will be shared monthly to the total of NFTs staked in the platform.

  • Get share from ArtZero platform revenue: a total 30% share of this revenue will be shared monthly to the total NFTs staked in the platform. The revenue comes from:

    • Trade fee from selling NFTs in the marketplace

    • Collection creation fee

    • Launchpad project creation fee

    • Minting fee in the Launchpad

Read on to see How to own, stake PMPs, and redeem rewards for staking them.

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