Mint NFTs in Launchpad

This action allows you to mint NFT in a project in Launchpad.

Navigate to Lauchpad and to the project you wish to mint.

Project page will appear and you will see the Phase that is now on-going (if any), and all phases that have ended or will be live soon.

If you want to mint NFTs in this on-going phase, notice the price, simply put the number of NFTs you want to mint, and click MINT.

Confirmation process will appear. You will now need to confirm this action with your wallet.

Note that you will need a little extra Azero to pay for gas fee to the blockchain except for total minting cost.

In Whitelist Phase, even if it is on-going, if your address is not added to whitelist, you will not be able to see the button Whitelist Mint, and you cannot mint it.

Even if you are whitelisted to mint at 0 Azero, if you do not have any Azero in your wallet, you will not be able to mint, because you need a small amount to pay for gas fee.

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