How much a staker may get by staking his PMP NFTs?

ArtZero is a NFT marketplace running on Aleph Zero network. This is the first marketplace & probably the first working dApp ever on Aleph Zero.

ArtZero also has its own 10k NFT collection featuring Praying Mantis Predators (PMP). They are not only pieces of art but also with UTILITIES. By owning & staking PMP, you will be able to collect shares from validator rewards & share from platform fee.

In this article, we are going to explain in detail HOW and HOW MUCH a staker may get by staking his PMP NFT(s).

Firstly, let us breakdown all revenue streams so you can have a better picture of HOW MUCH PMP stakers can get.

(A) Share from Validator rewards.

It is expected that Public Validator Program will be launched by Aleph Zero early August. Some nodes are being tested in final stages. Our node is ready with AMD 3960x256GB Ram & 4TB NVME.

ArtZero node will have a self-staked from at least 70% of public sales at TGE, plus nominators’ stakes. PMP stakers get 50% of share from Validator rewards paid by Aleph Zero (C). A 5% validator's commission is expected to be set and can be changed by ArtZero from time to time.

A = 50% x C

(B) Share from Marketplace

There are 4 different streams to form up this revenue:

(D) Marketplace Trade Fee: the fee a seller has to pay ArtZero when he successfully sells an NFT. It is expected maximum fee rate will first be set at 5%, but this rate can be changed by ArtZero from time to time. Why is it not a flat rate? Because if a seller owns and stakes his PMP NFTs, he can get a discount on this rate. The discount is as follows (if general trade fee is set at 5%):

(E) Collection Creating Fee: a flat fee will be paid by NFT creator when he creates a collection in the marketplace. The fee is expected to be 100 Azero for a Simple Mode collection & 150 Azero for an Advanced Mode collection.

(F) Launchpad Fee: including Creating Fee & Minting Fee. We plan to set a Creating Fee of 0 Azero & a rate of 10% for each NFT to be minted via our Launchpad. Note that it is a must for the Creator to create a collection in Advanced Mode when he creates a campaign on our Launchpad, thus he is to pay a fee (150 Azero) and it will be counted in Collection Creating Fee. All fees and fee rates can be subjected to changes by ArtZero in the future.

(G) Other revenues: these revenues can come from Promotion / Sponsor Fees or any other fees that can appear in the future.

Thus, share for stakers from Marketplace would be

B = 30% x (D + E + F + G)

An amount of revenue from the previous reward distribution period that has not been redeemed by stakers will be put in total share of the next period (H).

Secondly, HOW MUCH a PMP staker can get?

We expect to distribute Total share every month. In general, each staker can get:

	H = Total share / total staked (I) x number of staked owned by a staker (J).

To sum up:

Total share x = A + B = 50% x C + 30% x (D + E + F + G) + H

Each staker gets y = (A + B) / I x J

whereas: x: Total share to all stakers in a period of time (usually 1 month) y: reward that each staker can get in a period of time (usually 1 month) A: Share from Validator rewards B: Share from Marketplace C: validator rewards paid by Aleph Zero D: Marketplace Trade Fee collected from seller when an NFT is sold E: Collection Creating Fee collected from a creator when a collection is created F: Launchpad Fee: including Creating Fee & Minting Fee G: Other revenues H: un-redeemed share from previous period I: number of PMPs staked J: number of PMPs staked by a PMP owner

Thirdly, HOW a staker can redeem his share? Let’s take a look at the process all of which is on-chain below:

Every month, we will lock Stake / Request to Unstake / Unstake functions on the last day of the month for 3 days to start the distribution process for the month.

At this locking time, total share, total staked & number of staked owned by each staker is finalized for reward distribution.

If you have staked a PMP, it will take you at least 21 days to complete unstaking process, and you MUST remember to come and take your PMP from pending unstake area to unstake area.

If you have not unstaked your PMP, you can stake it within a click, and your PMP will be counted as a staked PMP eligible for revenue share of this month period. There is NO minimum days that you have to stake prior to the locking time in order to benefit from revenue share of that month.

A staker need to visit My Account > General to claim rewards within 3 days (72 hrs) from the Locking time. After this time, we unlock all functions, and stakers will not be able to redeem this month’s reward any longer. All the amount of un-redeemed reward will be put to Total share of the next distribution period for all stakers to share.

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